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While Neurodiversity may be defined in different ways, I view Neurodiversity as the variation in brain development and includes diagnoses such as Autism and ADHD.


Are you on the spectrum or curious if you are? I have had the honor of working with individuals on the spectrum for over 15 years and truly enjoy helping individuals understand their own unique strengths and build skills to feel success in all aspects of life.


Do you have ADHD or struggle to maintain your attention and stay focused? You can develop strategies and skills to manage ADHD symptoms and feel more successful as you navigate your personal and professional life. Reach out to learn more!

*About the artists: AJ K. is a fixture at Access Gallery and is one of our most prolific and mobile artists. It is not unusual for AJ to travel 20 or more miles any day. He seems to intuitively know bus routes, has a fascination with trains and will stop whatever he is doing when a large truck rolls past him. AJ creates wonderful characters from his imagination and his exploits around Denver. Over the years AJ has developed a signature character we lovingly call “traffic light head dude”. Learn more at: